University Office for Planning and Budgeting

University of Illinois: Champaign-Urbana, Chicago, Springfield

Illinois State Legislature (ISL) Forms

Brief Description:
This document, produced annually for submission to the Illinois legislature, is comprised of answers to questions in both narrative and tabular formats as requested by the state legislature. It summarizes university fiscal operations for the institution as a whole and by campus, by appropriation by fund, and grants activity, state and federal; presents the university's operating budget request for the ensuing fiscal year inclusive of narratives; includes the most recent annual financial report and (compliance) audit; outlines any pending litigation; prompts for any fiscal or budgetary impacts suffered by the institution as a result of state/federal legislation; explains rationale for personnel/programmatic reductions or expansions within the enclosed budget request; specifies program closures, if any; describes salary increases, if any; and details characteristics of employees, especially as related to salary, furlough/layoff, and termination/resignation/retirement, among other institutional metrics. Also included within the ISL are completed "Agency Outcome Forms" documenting realized programmatic outcomes and costs related to achieve them, plus the most current tuition and fee rates specific to each campus.

Contact Information:
Sandy Street | | 217-333-0398

Final Report Issue Date:
Annual (fiscal year) document, typically submitted each February.