University Office for Planning and Budgeting

University of Illinois: Champaign-Urbana, Chicago, Springfield

The Annual Study of Costs

Also known as: Cost Study

Brief Description:
The Cost Study is designed principally to identify state operating costs for public universities, specifically to help formulate their respective annual operations and grants budgets, assist university administrators in program planning and re-evaluation, establish a historical reference for the study of changing instructional costs, and increase the efficiency and efficacy of postsecondary education in Illinois. There are three basic analyses of Cost Study data: Academic Unit Cost Study, Faculty Credit Hour Study, and Program/Major Unit Cost Study. The Cost Study is produced each year for the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE), covering three functional areas: instruction, organized research, and public service. Only state funds are included in the Cost Study, produced for each campus by discipline from the departmental level. Presently the university continues to produce and submit the Academic Unit Cost Study to the IBHE. As the campuses continue to utilize it, the Program/Major Unit Cost Study also remains in production for internal use.

Contact Information:
Renee Nagy | | 217-333-9600

Final Report Issue Date:
Annual (fiscal year) document, submitted in mid-December to the IBHE. As of 2012, IBHE no longer requires submission of the Faculty Credit Hour and Program/Major Unit Cost Studies.