University Office for Planning and Budgeting

University of Illinois: Champaign-Urbana, Chicago, Springfield

How Can We Help?

The University Office for Planning and Budgeting (UOPB) functions within University Administration (UA) as an internal service department; however, its scope embraces varied units/colleges on and between campuses as well as constituencies external to the university. The “services” provided may entail data synthesis/analysis for issues such as tuition costs, admissions trends, capital project funding, and budget request development, among others. UOPB’s unique position in UA, with access to a wealth of current and historical data encompassing the system’s three campuses, facilitates the discovery of trends and promotes the sharing of facts to support the university’s mission.

Planning and Budgeting has helped to shape and project the “story of the University of Illinois,” highlighting successes and outlining future challenges. The office’s forward-thinking and collaboration with diverse university components have generated useful documents and presentations. Many times, projects completed by UOPB are the result of an ad hoc request from a colleague, a college, or a constituent………after simply asking for assistance.

Examples of questions answered/projects completed include:

  • evaluation of UIC’s CHANCE Program (enrollment, graduation rates);
  • analysis of UIUC’s Division of General Studies (DGS) (financial aid provided, student demographics);
  • comparison of pension plans offered by peer institutions, other Big Ten universities;
  • analysis of UIUC’s first-time freshmen class, especially students from Chicago Public Schools (CPS)

The University Office for Planning and Budgeting is approachable, willing to furnish as much aid as possible. Consider posing your question to determine whether we can help!