University Office for Planning and Budgeting

University of Illinois: Champaign-Urbana, Chicago, Springfield

Board of Trustees (BOT) "Financial Update" Presentations

Brief Description:
"Financial Update" presentations are PowerPoint documents which compile a set of charts/graphs to outline the university's financial position at a point in time, and since the last meeting of the full Board. Typically reviewed are the status of state appropriations billed/collected/received; hospital revenues/expenses/net income; and total revenues and debt, as well as its credit rating especially in comparison to other Big Ten institutions. Documents are compiled for presentation at Board meetings by the Chief Financial Officer/Comptroller with the assistance of units within the Office for Business and Financial Services (OBFS). As needed or directed, other topics are also presented within the monthly Update; for example, Monetary Award Program (MAP) funding, enrollment numbers, endowments and pension liabilities to name recent issues.

Contact Information:
Sandy Street | | 217-333-0398

Final Report Issue Date:
These presentations are prepared for each Board of Trustees meeting (six per academic year), generally for initial review by the Audit, Budget, Finance & Facilities Committee prior to the meetings of the full Board.