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University Office for Planning and Budgeting

Staffing Trends

Staff count reports have been produced by the University Office for Planning and Budgeting since Fall 1981. Currently tables are prepared each October and February to track staffing trends over a 12 year period. The tables are organized into campus and college reports, with data for the Cooperative Extension Service and the University Hospital reported separately. Separate reports are available for State funds or All sources of funds. For best use of these tables, please see the information on interpreting the reports and the criteria used to produce them.

Questions or requests for further information can be directed to Barb Welge.


dot Interpreting UOPB Staff Count Reports

Caution should be used in the interpretation of staffing changes reflected in these data. The staff monitoring system is based upon payroll data and is not a position-by-position control system. As such, it does not facilitate the tracking of individual payroll actions (layoffs, rehires, terminations, etc.), or the tracking of new or vacant positions. Staffing changes occur frequently within all employee groups at the University and there are month-to-month fluctuations in staffing levels which occur as part of the normal operating cycle. Staffing comparisons are therefore made on a year-to-year basis at approximately the same point in time each year. Such comparisons reflect most accurately overall employment trends which the University is experiencing as opposed to month-to-month comparisons which may be clouded by seasonal variations in employment levels.

dot Criteria Used to Produce UOPB Staff Count Reports

There are a number of different ways to count staff, depending on the information needed. Below are the criteria used to produce the UOPB staff counts. These criteria should be taken into account before comparing these counts to others that may have been designed for other purposes. If there are questions about how these counts are structured, please contact: Barb Welge at (217) 333-8313.

  • Only active appointments as of the date of the report are counted. Reports are created from paymaster files as of the 10th of the month.
  • Administrators with tenure-system appointments are counted as academic professionals
  • Librarians are counted as Faculty
  • The FTE of department heads, department chairs, assistant and associate department heads/chairs are counted with Other Faculty.
  • Tenure system faculty are those with tenure codes of A or K (Tenured) and Q or 1-7 (Tenure-Track).
  • Other Faculty include: instructors, lecturers, research associates, teaching associates, post docs, adjuncts, department affiliates, cooperating teachers, visiting scholars, artists in residence, aviation education specialists and all others with faculty appointments but tenure codes of N, T, or W.
  • Employees listed on the paymaster with invalid campus/department combinations or invalid department codes are excluded.
  • Employees with appointments split across campuses, colleges or departments are counted by their FTE in those units.
  • Employees of Illinois State Surveys are excluded until July 1, 2008.


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