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How the University of Illinois impacts the state

View the Illinois Impact appTeaching -- As the state’s No. 1 educator, the University of Illinois instructs some 76,100 on-campus and 4,100 off-campus students each year, awards more than 24,000 degrees a year in over 600 different degree programs. Over 8,500 students earn advanced degrees yearly -- master’s, professional and doctoral.

Research -- The University of Illinois has an active, broad and excellent research program in the sciences, agriculture, engineering and computing, business, medicine, law, education, political science, library science -- in fact, the entire spectrum of the university itself.

Public Service -- A recent inventory of public service and outreach programs at the University of Illinois exceeds 700, literally housed in every academic department and college and a host of service units at all three campuses. A public service activities searchable database may be found at

Economic Impact -- The University of Illinois continues to be a powerful economic development engine for the State of Illinois through its impressive research portfolio and proven success in bringing ideas to market. In FY 2014, the university received more than $914 million in research funding from federal, state, and private sources. In FY 2014, royalties from university innovations totaled more than $30 million. In that same period, the university received 373 technology disclosures and 97 U.S. patents were issued, executed 83 licenses and options to commercialize technologies, and licensed 15 start-up companies. The UI Research Park is home to more than 90 (including 15 Fortune 500) companies and employs over 1,600 people. Since 2003, the EnterpriseWorks incubator has launched more than 225 start-ups raising over $879 million in outside capital. Anchored in the Chicago Technology Park, the Health, Technology, Innovation (HTI) initiative has incubated 35 start-ups raising over $3.6 million in private funding. IllinoisVENTURES, the university`s venture arm, has supported over 85 research-derived start-ups or projects from the UI and other Midwest institutions.

Research Park construction and infrastructure projects generated $184 million in direct, indirect and induced impact in the region`s economy. Research Park employees have contributed $642 million in the East Central Illinois region`s economy since 2012, an average of $160 million per year. Indirect and induced jobs have generated $545 million in the East Central Illinois region`s economy since 2012, with an average of $136 million per year. The current annual economic output from direct, indirect, and induced EnterpriseWorks operations in East Central Illinois is $38 million. Research Park operations currently generate $7.5 million in annual tax revenues to the State of Illinois, and $1.4 million in tax revenues to Champaign County.


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